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Blaise Fernandes

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Blaise Fernandes

President & CEO

Indian Music Industry

Blaise Fernandes is a self-proclaimed News Junkie, Tech Watcher, Food, Music, Films, Family, and Football Policy Wonk, and importantly the President and CEO of the Indian Music Industry - an IFPI affiliate. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, development, and management of brands, with a focus on international brands, adapting international products for the local market, and developing local consumer brands.

Blaise Fernandes has over 34 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. With Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies, he had a tenure of 23 years and climbed the ranks to become the Country Manager & Managing Director while there. Had a term as Senior Vice-President at Edelweiss Financial Services and he is a member of various committees at apex trade organizations like the CII and FICCI. Fernandes regularly writes and publishes papers on IP Monetization & Protection, Digital Governance, and other topics.

Blaise possesses a wide range of skills in key business functions, including general management, strategy and business development, sales, distribution, marketing, financial management, and advocacy. He is currently an independent board member of Gateway House, where he connects the business community, intellectual and academic talent, policy experts, educational institutions, opinion leaders, including strategic media, the diplomatic corps, and heads of international missions. He is also a Mentor at the Take Charge Leadership program for Catholic Youth by the Archdiocese of Bombay

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