Unny Radhakrishnan

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Unny Radhakrishnan



With over two decades as a technology and marketing communication professional, Unny Radhakrishnan is at the head of Digitas India; leading growth & strategizing direction for DIGITAS India and Digitas Global Engineering Delivery Centre.
Having started his career as a coder before moving into marketing, Unny’s diverse experience across sectorial clients allows him to strategize innovative solutions to complex problems. Joining Digitas in 2020, his digital capabilities & humanistic approach to business have been his most significant pillars.
A well-known face in the communication industry, He frequently lends his voice to various industry conversations, and has also participated as a speaker at the United Nations Development Programmer– APAC Communications Summit in Bangkok.
Before Digitas India, Unny served as the Chief Digital Officer in South Asia for Group M’s Wavemaker. During his 11-year experience at the organization, he was responsible for the strategic directions of their 3 digital units - Maxus Digital (South Asia), Quasar (India), and MetalWorks by Maxus (India). Also serving on several advisory councils (Curious Times, Rustik Travel, and Victoria ventures), Unny is also a frequent face at prestigious Indian B-schools, namely ISB Hyderabad, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIT Khargar, where is educates the next generation on topics related to digital technology & transformation.

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